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Supermarket anti-theft self elimination process

 antenna not alarm:

1, check whether the antenna power supply (power switch is on, plug out).
2, with a stiff test whether the antenna alarm tags.(because sometimes use test soft with may have decoding; or soft label damaged; or soft label is metal packaging goods. This antenna is not alarm.)3, check the antenna close range around the presence of large volume of metal objects, such as: save ice pack ark, rejected, etc.If you have to move it away.Small pieces of metal to 30 cm, hunk of metal 1. 5 meters, the building wall body should be away from the antenna 1. 5 meters.
4,The supermarket anti-theftLabel whether be affected with damp be affected with damp, whether the label paste on the metal or metal film packaging of the item.
5, the transmitter board (150, 160, 170, 180 wrong frequency) jump needle is loose.Set cover main deputy fire needle jumping is loose.
More than 6, antenna case should be paid attention to:
(1) : the machine line by prison;(2) : reverse even machine line phase (the two core even machine line connection 1 change. Such as the main launch is red line on, the blue line next. Then deputy launch joint is in the red line in the next, blue line.)7, reset the deputy emission;8, exchange of fire board position.Switch (that is, the two main board) 9, the transmitting antenna and receiving antenna switch installation location.
Note: 3800 type equipment is equipped with automatic protection function.There are strong interference, in order to avoid the sound.System will be submitted to the reputation or the alarm state.The interference or antenna out five installed in situ.System is to achieve the ideal effect.Is the easiest way to change a prototype board up brake is broken, if the system still not quote Pi, shows that the interference is serious.(The supermarket anti-theft _3800 + system connection diagram)
If unable to eliminate interference, also not moving.Under the processing method to know:
Method a, should reduce the sensitivity of the receiver plate (static noise VR4 receiver board, counterclockwise to reduce, instead.)To increase the frequency sweep range of transmitter (chronological clockwise adjust R14 increase sweep range) method 2, a receiver to do debugging, adjustment of sealing machine board first sweep range shot power), increased to 1300-1500 KHz or reduced to about 700 KHz to solve.If conditions improve, and then the corresponding adjust the receiver sensitivity.The antenna to achieve the best working condition.