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Walk through metal detector
Walk through metal detector is use for scanning metal materials carry by human beings. Before go through the metal detector gate, people need take off the belts, swatch, and all metal materials. If the detector scan metals, it will alarm, and people need double check for safty. Walk through metal detector gate is different for detecting zones, more zones more sensitive. Walk through metal detector gate is widely use in railway station, airport, exhibition, government department, and other public sites.
Model:TP-6001 Sensitive digital metal detector walk through gate

Walk through metal detector is popular adopt in Airports, Embassies, Jaihouses, Entertainment environments,  Gymnasiums, Exhibition Centres, Schools, Shopping centers, and other locations where security is a concern.

Model:TP-6002 Airport LCD screen walk through metal detector 6 zon

Walk through gate detecting portable metals; Count the number of people passing through; The function of counting alarm times; Multi- zones detect and alarm at the same time; Smart partition to detect large objects.

Model:TP-6003 6 zones walk through metal detection body scanner

Walk through metal detector help to reduces the crime rate and improve straffic flows on the public sites. It is portable and easy install, usually use for security scan of body when people walk through the gate.

Model:TP-6004 6 Zones security scanner walk through metal detector

Walk through metal detector will use for industries where the valuable metal articles should be avoided stolen. Such as hardware, electronics, jewelry, coinage line... It usually install at the passageways, and scan portabl matels.

Model:TP-6005 3D body scanner walk through metal detector scanner

6 zones walk through gate with six overlapping detection region of the same height of human body;Four corresponding infrared transmitters and receivers, sensitive detecting whole area, LED alarm light displaying the accurate positions.

Model:TP-8001 Railway multi-zones walk through metal detector

8 zones walk-through metal detector sensitivity check with portable metal materials, with sound and light alarm signals. Effectively reduce the violent and terror events happens in public sites by security check carrying metals.

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