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X ray machine
X ray scanner is very helpful for public safty by checking the dangerous items with its high sensitivity and convinience. In case to prevent from terrorist and violence attacks, x ray machine can check out the metal, liquid, powder and other materials, and then filming screen clear show in front of security guard, it is effective security check on crowded stations, and also keep people's privacy.
Model:TP-5030A Security scanner X ray luggage scanner

Alarm by sounds and light when conform to condition. Network interface support multi-terminal check baggages. Safety ray transmit ray under automatic control. Automatic security close-down. Expediently observing enlargement area.

Model:TP-5030C Security luggage scanner x ray machine

X ray scanner can automatically sensing objects, luggage put the machine up and running. Lead screens plus protective film to prevent the guests hand exposure to lead.It with high-definition camera surveillance system, real-time collection.

Model:TP-6550C Airport security scanner X ray machine

Suitable for detecting small packed product & single product; Mainstream operating system, easy to maintain; High security with both front and side emergency buttons; Flexible to remove from product line, easy to disassemble,clean.

Model:TP-8065C Airport baggage dangerous material security scanner

x-ray machine model is adopted to detect the contaminants in food, including the metal , glass, ceramic, stone, bone, hard rubber, hard plastic and so on, at the same time, it also has the function to detect the product defect.

Model:TP-10080C Luggage security check X ray machine

The machine would alarm with sound and light signal when detecting specific objects; Webconnecting multi-ports detecting object at same time; Fold rotating LEDdisplay,humanity image surveillance; Directly touch able control.

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