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Small and medium-sized supermarket anti-theft equipment anal
At present the common market has the supermarket security performance and price analysis
EAS_8. 2 mhz_ rf anti-theft system
Label use distance: soft label 0.9 meters to 1.2 meters hard tag 1.2 meters to 1.4 meters
High performance: the site environmental requirements, attached the cannot have high voltage, metal items, such as alarm tag has Angle
Price: RMB 1500-1500 yuan, involving price material appearance and built-in motherboard
Scope of application: supermarket anti-theft, vanquish a house, a clothing store
EAS_58KHz_ magnetic anti-theft system
Label use distance: soft label 1 m to 1.3 m hard tag 1.3 meters to 1.5 meters
The label detection performance: rf system stability, high penetration
Price: RMB 8000-8000 yuan, is the price tag of the radio frequency tag several times the price
Scope of application: high-end comprehensive supermarket anti-theft, clothing brand shop, etc
About the supermarket anti-theft _2 set without synchronous line installation and debugging