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Antenna false self elimination process

Antenna false positives:

1, please check the antenna electrical power supply voltage 220 v is normal. Such as voltage instability, should increase the UPS power supply, or a voltage regulator. The suggest that it is best to use voltage regulator. It is best to use with the function of voltage regulation using UPS. Mountain type II UPS) 2, antenna power lines are not allowed to have any other electrical equipment. Please check the distribution of total electrical brake, whether with other electrical equipment.

3, check the antenna close around 2 meters in presence of electrical equipment.

(such as storage bag, paper, punch machine, doll machine, freezer, electric rice cooker, etc. These devices can not form a circle shape with lines).

4, antenna around 10 meters range is not allowed to be rolled coil, especially the POS network line is not allowed to form a circle ?