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Supermarket anti-theft installation methods multi-channel so
Than  supermarket  anti-theft anti-theft  tag  to  used  in  the soft  label and  hard  label,  of course,  the  magnetic  system  of  supermarket  anti-theft use labels to the ratio of 1:1,  magnetic label penetration  is higher than that of rf label,  and the price is higher than that of rf label, and domestic enterprises supermarket anti-theft, soft label is the disposable use, guard against theft hard tags (hereinafter referred to as "anti-theft buckle") disposable tags into, normal service life of more than 3 years. Relative to the magnetic on cost to reduce a lot.
Install distance and sorting equipment
Supermarket alarm of  rf  system can be divided into receiving, launch two launch in  multi-channel connection  one can  connect two  receive  and  so  on,  it is worth noting  that  appears on a channel 2, only need to connect the two synchronous signal line.
Supermarket anti-theft single channel sorting