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Handheld metal detector
Handheld metal detector is portable and convinient with short detection range. It is usually use for double check on the suspect objects or body scanning. Most highest sensitivity handheld metal detectors can detect the object as needle. Handheld metal detector is widely use in railway station, subway station and airport station.
Model:TP-GP-3003B1 Security metal check handheld detector

Handheld metal detector is portable and convenient to use, sensitivity adjustable for different sizes of metals. Double check the carrying materials, and keep privacy. Power save, with sound and light when detect metals.

Model:TP-MD-3003B1 Airport security check handheld metal detector

Handheld metal detector designed to meet the exact requirements of the security industry. Typical uses will include body search  for offensive weapons in crowd control, airport and  border security, checking parcels... 

Model:TP-GC-1002 Rechargeable portable handheld metal detector

Hand held metal detector typical design for body search  metals in crowd control, airport and border security,  checking parcels and letters for metal objects and  anywhere that hidden metal needs to be checked.

Model:TP-GC-101H Security scanner archway handheld metal detector

Handheld metal detector is adopted for the security check; Such as public sites, factries, education examination. It will alarm with light when detecting knives,guns, phones, dictionary, and other metal materials.

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