X ray machine.TP-8065C Airport baggage dangerous material security scanner
  • The machine would alarm with sound and light signal when detecting specific objects;

    Web connecting, multi-ports detecting object at same time;

    Fold rotating LED display, humanity image surveillance;

    Directly touchable controlling panel without keyboard or workbench,save space;

    Safety reliable one-button on/off operation;

    Real-time enlarge image for convenient surveillance and identify;

    Auto diagnosis system, display with fault code for maintenance.

  • Parameters

    Size of tunnel 800(W)*650(H)mm
    Conveyor speed 0.22m/s(adjustable) 
    Conveyor max load 200Kg 
    Wire resolution 0.0787mm metal line 
    Spatial resolution horizontal:1.3 mm diameter ;vertical: 1.0 mm in diameter
    Through resolution 0.511 mm in diameter
    Steel penetration 34mm armor plate 
    Film safety  for ISO1600 
    Maximum leakage radiation <0.1µGy/h

    X-ray generator

    Ray direction orientation vertically upward
    Tube current 0.4~1.2mA(adjustable) 
    Tube voltage 100-160KV(adjustable) 
    Angle of X-ray 80° 
    Cooling/working periods Sealed oil bath /100% 
    Image processing system

    X ray sensor  L type photoelectric diode array detector(single energy), 12bit
    Monitor High resolution 17 "LCD display
    Color image display 24 bits nature color display
    Edge enhancement The object contour edge more distinct
    Image enhancement Image detail more clearly
    High penetration display Improve the image contrast of the bright area, make easy 
    penetrated area more clearly
    Low penetration display Improve the image contrast of the dark area, make the difficult 
    penetrated area more clearly
    Magnifier function of partial enlargement
    Brightening/ darkening Increase/ reduce the brightness of the image
    Image recurrence display previous twenty images and process any one of them
    Image restoration restore image to initial status
    Image storage save any image real-time, and process any one of them in operation 
    Image processing system:

    Multi energy color:   Organic display for orange, Inorganic display for blue, Mixture 
    display for the green
    High energy/Low energy:  Two kinds of energy switch display
    Drug and explosive auxiliary detection:  Some of the more typical auxiliary detection 
    of drugs and explosives and other dangerous articles
    Operation environment
    Operate temperature:  0℃~45℃/20%~95% (without condensate)  
    Storage temperature:  -20℃~60℃/20%~95% (without condensate)
    Operate Voltage: 220VAC(±10%)  50±3HZ
    Power consumption: 1.2KW(Max)
    Noise degree: <58dB

  • Packing: wooden 

     Packing Size: 
     Host: 2050*1220*1700mm(standard)
     Double work station: 1100*745*1340mm(standard)
    Gross Weight: 700KG (host)
                                70KG (Double work station)