RF MONO Antenna.TP-622-001 RF EAS MONO Aluminum Antenna
  • There are 2 kinds of DSP mono mainboard can install with this antenna, which it is with different detection range and inside coilings.

    1. Latest high-speed DSP core, real-time sending & receiving dual channels and two loops 2D pedestal design FPGA technology, self- adapting circuit
    2. Strong anti-interference ability, High-sensibility, no system misinformation, remote fine-tuning, difference with the TR+RE device, finish the detection with one antenna
    3. Many antenna are applied at the same time without synchronous cord
    4. Attractive design, elegant and fashionable looks
    5. Suitable for store, fashion mall, up-end clothing store, and so on

  • Each set include of one mono antenna, and one power supply

    1.Input Voltage:24V DC
    3.Antenna size:1600x350x60mm
    4.Net Weight:5kg/pc
    5.Detection Range:
      2x0.75m-0.9m(4x4 label)
      2x 0.9m-1.2m(67*55mm hard tag)
    6.Material:Aluminum alloy

  • 2set/ctn, 164X41X16cm, 13kg